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Shin Min Ah, chosen as #1 best styled celebrity on Style Fil

Posted on: June 27, 2011

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So in Cable tv Onstyle’s  ‘Style fil’ show. the fashion experts together with the public have gathered to rank the best/ worst styles by korea’s fashionistas. the article mentioned Kim Min hee(Shin Min ah’s bff and one of the lead actress in the movie Mobidik) and  Seo In young, no introduction needed. 🙂

so basing on the screen caps #2 the third spot goes to Kim ha neul, 2nd is Kim Min Hee then 1st placer is none other than Shin Min Ah! 
her outfit during mobidik’s premiere

really simple but high fashioned. i guess this is min ah’s reputation. 

cr: 엘프민아@dcgsma

reference article–> nate




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