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Lee Seung gi’s Samsung Zipel Grandstyle 80 CF Making

Posted on: June 30, 2011

sorry if it’s really late. but this deserves to be posted(lol ofcourse it’s lee seung gi) even though it’s late. Lee seung gi here has an unexplainable energy! believe me. Miss Soh Eun Seo can’t even look at him at mark 0:25. but.. not much of a chemistry for me. ;__; maybe because eun seo is shy? she should’ve shown a girl power! like yes! i will melt you seunggi! any ways without further ado here it is!

cr: leeseunggi01

and and. this is the second time ive seen them together. i mean on a show? the first one was strong heart where eun so mentioned that she’s like lee seung gi since she’s the elementary president(?) or highschool president(either of the two)t way back when she’s studying then seunggi bragged about being the president in elementary as well as in  highschool  back then. LOL


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