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Shin Min Ah in Beijing fan accounts [2 fan accounts, MUST READ]

Posted on: July 1, 2011


Beijing Fanaccount Part 1:

When the PR lady informed us that Minah has already arrived, I saw a car parked outside the revolving doors of the hotel entrance. A group of people alighted; the sturdy bodyguard, stylist unnie and a few employees. Wearing a stripped top, white shorts and roman sandals, Minah appeared in my sight. Without a trace of makeup, fair-skinned, a small face. She saw us through us through the glass doors. Although she was in a simple outfit but it looked like an outfit in street snaps. Entering the hotel, she appeared trendy, poised, and calm, with an aura different from others. To the outside world, she may appear cold and keeps a distance between others but at the same time, she is a warm, cute and innocent girl. The group of people also entered the hotel. Minah carried a beige bag. Probably not expecting to be greeted by fans, she wore a smile throughout, giving off a light and refreshing feeling; unpretentious. In real life, she appeared even younger with her baby face, such that 33’s remark on how she looked like an innocent college student was not an exaggeration.

I know Veeko gave flowers but I forget who gave what. (Sorry) Because I was taking photos, busily snapping away. Seeing her through the lens, it felt less three-dimensional and real as opposed to seeing her with my eyes. A lot of photos taken at the lobby were blurred so please anticipate photos taken by the reporter which were well-taken. The reporter travelled from Shanghai to do coverage on Minah and Sulwahsoo events. She commented that Minah was very warm and pretty in person with a very small face. Gave off a good feeling. Words of a outsider so I believe it would be objective. We felt proud after hearing her remarks on Minah, haha.

33 and Xiao Bao were very noble, they gave up their chance to see Minah at the lobby and prepared to present Minah with gifts on the 63rd floor. When Minah and entourage entered a lift, we entered the next lift. Didn’t expect that we reached 63rd floor before than them.

When the doors to the lift opened, Minah appeared within a close distance of us. That small face, good skin. Big and clear eyes. I am sure everyone is tired of listening… Because I really cannot think of any other adjectives. Sincerity~ these few days, we discussed the most about what we like best about Minah. I like her sincerity, seriousness, elegance, poise, aura and pure innocence. Very well-protected, untainted by the external environment. After seeing Minah, I realised why she did such a great job in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. That cuteness, innocence; her cute and innocent nature expressed onscreen were not acted out, but a part of Minah. She’s just like a child. With a child-like innocence.

The session in the morning ended. Actually, not a lot of photos were taken when we welcomed Minah in the morning. The group of us bought flowers and gifts. I was lost in my thoughts while waiting at Starbucks and Subway, feeling that I have not seen enough of Minah yet. I felt that Minah’s mood was pretty good, a little different from what I imagined.

The first impression that Minah gave me was: amazingly beautiful, a super small face, very three-dimensional… A baby-face, looking very young. In actual, she was very slim, unlike how she’s usually photographed as. Her real height was the same as in profile. She easily stood out from the masses. Trendy, poised, fashionista.



Beijing Fanaccount Part 2:

Around 2.30pm in the afternoon, Minah appeared at the airport. Black short sleeved shirt, the same white shorts, and roman sandals. She stood out among the crowds,

The few of us were staring at her silently from far. I think this is the best distance between celebrity and fans, paying attention to her works and supporting her decisions. Bodyguard and his eagle eyes were always on us. When I raised my camera, preparing to snap, he indicated not to take photographs, not allowed to. Like the paparazzi, I sneakily and quickly took a few photos which turned out blur. In the end, I gave up taking photos, afraid that the bodyguard will confront me.

Minah was in a good mood, chatting and laughing with her entourage, even passing her cell phone to the unnie with short hair to see. Not sure what they were discussing about. She also talked and laughed with stylist unnie, really in a good mood. It took Minah and entourage ten minutes to check in and I stared at her for a long time.

Gave up taking photos and merely stared at her silently. I wish to imprint the images of what my eyes saw in my mind. All these could never be replaced by photographs. After they checked in, they walked away, probably to a VIP lounge. Veeko greeted the entourage and we had a meal together. Getting to know everyone because of Minah is a fortunate thing; a kind of fate.

original fanaccount by 整人小妖 (zhengrenxiaoyao) from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from soompi
Please repost in full with credits





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