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Which actress has the most luck in obtaining handsome partner actors?

Posted on: July 2, 2011

Actress Shin Min Ah was chosen as the actress who has the most luck in obtaining handsome partner actors.

On the July 2nd episode of “Entertainment Relay“, the show investigated into which actresses that had the best fortune of being paired with handsome looking male actors.

The investigation revealed that Shin Min Ah came out on top as she has had the fortune of working with Won Bin in a commercial, in which they shared a kiss. She’s also worked with Kim Kang Woo and Lee Seung Gi.

After Shin Min Ah came Ha Ji Won. She has worked with Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, Kim Myung Min, and Kim Jae Won
Third place went to Son Ye Jin. She worked with Jung Woo Sung, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jo In Sung, Bae Yong Joon, Song Seung Hun,Lee Min Ho and other.

Kim Ha Neul took fourth place as she worked with Kang Dong Won, Yoon Kye Sang, Kwon Sang Woo, and Kang Ji Hwan.

Lim Soo Jung was fifth working with Rain, Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, and Kim Rae Won. Sixth place went to Go Hyun Jung, who has worked with Jo In Sung, Kim Nam Gil, and ChunJung Myung.

Lastly, Gong Hyo Jin came in seventh place. Gong Hyo Jin expressed her thanks for placing seventh place in the list and hopes she can continue to work with more handsome actors in the future.
Credit: allkpop

article excerpt…..
Actress Shin Min Ah ranked as no. 1 as the Female star who had lots of partners.
On July 2 broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ winning best Partners to suit the theme of many female stars were surveyed.
As a result, Shin Min Ah came on the top as no.1. In Shin Min Ah and Wonbin’s advertisement, it introduced several kissing scenes which caused the envy of the fans. Shin Min Ah, has acted with Kim gang woo and Lee seung gi as her lover.
[no.2 is ha ji won, 3rd Son Ye Jin, 4th Kim Ha Neul, 5th Im Su jeong, 6th Kim nam Gil and last  but not the least Gong Hyo Jin in 7th spot]
source: nate  ; picture credit: nate
rough translations:; google

I remember posting here on how lucky Min A is! and she is!! She has worked with tons of hottie stars, not only overseas but in korea as well!!

list of the actors that might sound VERY familiar to you that she has worked with

[Lee seung gi, Won Bin, Hyun bin, Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, Rain(Bi), Joo Ji Hoon, Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Song Joong Ki, Kim Kang Woo, Uhm Tae Woong,  Park Hae Il, Ryu seung Bum,  Lee Min Ki, Cha Seung woo, No Min Woo, international model Jamie Dorman, and many more] And these actors are NO JOKE. and the list of hot actors doesn’t end here. Min Ah is young and still have lots of opportunites to work with actors, just in case she’ll got the chance to work with kang dong won, much younger Jang Geun Seuk(a good actor), Lee Min Ho, andd Choi Si won i really do not know what to do anymore. lol


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