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Shin Min Ah, supposed to have a cameo on Best Love?[Mystery solved]

Posted on: July 2, 2011

After the casting of Gong Hyo Jin on Best Love, which is the next project of Hong Sisters after My girlfriend is a gumiho, Min Ah fans were really positive about her having a cameo because one, she is the heroine of My girlfriend is a gumiho and second she is really close friends with Gong Hyo Jin. 

And, for hoi couple fans, many fans know that there were press articles saying that there is a huge possibility that seunggi will reteam with hong sisters and play the male lead role of Best love, which did not happen in the end because of the plagiarism issues..(which i don’t buy ^__^) i myself did not no longer hope for a seung gi cameo or best, Hoi couple cameo.

But.. it turned out that it was Lee seung gi who had a cameo, and Min a was only mentioned by either

1. Cha Seung Won (saying that it must’ve feel different if the person in front of him(he had a confession of love) was either Min Ah or Han Ye Seul(both starred on Hong sisters drama)

2.then next one is the supposedly star date of Gu Ae jung with Shin Min Ah which wasn’t shown because ae jung walked out upon hearing that Dokko jin is having his operation already.

3. World Cup! Dokko jin chose Gu Ae Jung over Shin Min Ah and

4. i believe this is a shout out, when Dokko Jin said that Gu ae jung must’ve bewitched him like a gumiho(not sure if this is the exact thing he said, i remember he mentioned gumiho)

There is no doubt that Hong Sisters is showing some love, or disappointment that Min Ah wasn’t able to have a cameo since she was mentioned 4 times! lol.  but it’s a pity that she didnt have a cameo. Now Miss Gong Hyo Jin recently had an interview with press and mentioned something about Min Ah’s cameo

article excerpt..

“Best Love’s Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo and Shin Min Ah almost come to a cameo’

Gong Yoo, Shin Min Ah almost had a cameo?

Lee Seung Gi, Park Si Yeon, Brian, and MBC drama series ‘best love’ ( hongjeong eun,  hongmiran, directors, park hong gyun, lee dong yun)’ vaunted lineup has a brilliant cameo.

Actress gong hyo jin  in a recent meeting with reporters at  a cafe inApgujeong Seoul, told a story of  Gong Yoo who shared the same agency and her best friend Shin Min Ah to appear at a cameo.

Following gonghyojin  “the writers, Hong Sisters,  Shin Min Ah  predecessor had also come out as  There’s not used to talk about the role gotten deserved, “she revealed her regret.

article credit: Nate

whatever it is.  if the article is really giving us a hint that she was supposed to have a cameo it’s a pity it didn’t materialize. the question that’s in my mind is WHY?! but.. all done is done, atleast Hong sisters showed their love for their Miho. ^^ i hope both, Gong hyo Jin and Min A will have a cameo on the next hong sisters project!

EDIT. summary of the article via elaisa@soompi

Minah did mention that she would like to cameo but she did not cameo because there were no suitable roles.

In an interview of Hong Sisters, they talked about how Hyo Jin was casted for Best Love. During the filming of MGIG, Hyo Jin suggested to Minah that she would like to cameo. Because of this, casting her for Best Love became easier.


4 Responses to "Shin Min Ah, supposed to have a cameo on Best Love?[Mystery solved]"

wah, unfortunately gong yoo can not come:(( Actually, for first time I am gong yoo fan and then Seung Gi. Both of them are really great and have their sense of attractiveness:)) Sometimes, honestly I think “it’s very cute to watch min ah and gong yoo being cast together?” I want them on drama!!!!!!!
Anyway, sorry for no updating,,,very busy lately and nice to tune op on your blog:))

dewi. if im not mistaken gong yoo and min a are friends . hehe. i m not sure if they worked together in the past. hehe


hello michelle!
it’s because Gong yoo if im not mistaken he had earlier appointments? at that time. with Min Ah, hong sisters cannot think of a good possible cameo role for Min Ah. and it’s a pity. :((

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