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Favorite SEOKYU[Seo hyun♥Kyu Hyun] fancams, gifs last SM TOWN PARIS 2011

Posted on: July 3, 2011

Finally!♥♥♥♥ after almost a month of finding a time to watch the seokyu vids! The sang Way Back into love. oh well. who is having a way back into love?considering someone had recently had her ‘divorce’ hmmm.

cr: bhytyre

cr: kartoffelsalat07

compilation of holding hands in day 1 and 2. Undeniably, holding hands is the highlight of the duet right.

cr: seokyu11

lovely GIF!aside from the ‘loving’ smile. lol, i mean happy smiles from both. look at KYU’s Thumb. yeah it’s like you know. ^__^ and seriously when will they link their fingers?

cr; babyseokyu@twitter

another lovely gif

cr: imperfection<3 @sugejen thread@soshified

super love how they’ve become comfortable with each other on screen! i remember the mbc(?) behind the scenes of smtown concert where they had their rehearsals and i can see that they’re not super akward at all! kyu even said that they’re sm’s unofficial couple! now akwardness no more, looking forward to future smtown concerts and I SUPER DO NOT MIND if they will pair up to have a duet again!

2 Responses to "Favorite SEOKYU[Seo hyun♥Kyu Hyun] fancams, gifs last SM TOWN PARIS 2011"

o… both are cute… i agree if they’re got married hehehehe

hello noonaonew ! thanks for dopping by! they’re really cute and i hope they’re ‘good’ friends. haha

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