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Super Junior Kibum Confirmed to Appear in SBS drama A deep-rooted Tree

Posted on: July 4, 2011

Super Junior’s member Kim Kibum has been confirmed to appear in SBS drama A deep-rooted tree.

PD Hwang Kiyong from SidusHQ who will produce A deep-rooted tree said in a phone call with Ohmynews, “Kim Kibum has been confirmed to play the role “Park Paengnyun” and the shooting did not start yet.”  “Park Paengnyun to be played by Kim Kibum was a scholar at Jibhyunjun who received affection from Sejong the Great alongside Sung Sammoon.  He was a member of Sayookshin who schemed to restore Danjong to the throne but was executed.

The period drama A deep-rooted tree deals with the mystery that happens at Jibhyunjun 7 days before the Korean script is issued.  The drama is based on a historical mystery novel written by Lee Jungmyung.  When the novel was released in 2006, it was called the Korean Da Vinci Code.  The novel is about a conspiracy surrounding a series of gruesome murders at the palace.  It depicts a conflict between the group who supported the invention of Hangul and the group who opposed it.

The drama was written by Kim Younghyun and Park Sangyun who wrote Jewel in the Palace and Queen Seon-deok.  Currently, Han Sukkyu, Jang Hyuk, Shin Saekyung, Yoon Jaemoon, and Song Joongki have been cast.  In the drama, Han Sukkyu will play Sejong the Great and Jang Hyuk will play a government official at Kyumsabok who will conflict with Sejong the Great.

SBS drama A deep-rooted tree will air on September 28 after Protect the Boss ends.

Source: Ohmynews
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
SUPER EXCITED TO SE KIBUM! lots of bts stills and goodies! AYOO. my heart is jumping. SNOWWHITE IS BACK!! (sorry oppa, just had to call you that!) and the drama the writers had written are daebak in ratings,i have seen jewel in the palace and its one of the memorable dramas ive ever watched! cant wait to see him!

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