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[photo of the day] seunggi attending the KB card event

Posted on: July 6, 2011

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LOLi guess you have now an idea why i chose this? no? not yet? it’s because the ahjumma fans have, if not, the same height with seunggi they’re taller! and that makes him short! and no, no, seunggi is not short. standing at 182 cm around 6’1” that’s not short right? some fan acounts are even saying that he seems taller than that. but i guess celebrities will declare their exact height if they know they’re tall enough right. most probability of cheating is when you know you’re short. which ofcourse seung gi is not, so. the main point is… it’s refreshing to see seung gi like that. that makes him a very human. and! i want to have that height, ahjumma. im drinking milk right now. lol.


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