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Super Junior members Lee Teuk & Eunhyuk’s phone call with Justin Henry Bieber

Posted on: July 6, 2011

cr: delontobekky


Eunhyuk: oh, hello?
Henry: yeah
Eunhyuk: excuse me..
Henry: oh, I remember Korean!
Eunhyuk: yeah, speak Korean please Korean-
Henry: I remember.. ah, ah.. uh- kam- kamsaey- kamsaeyhamni- (♯ㅡ he’s pretending to not remember how to say/pronounce kamsahabnida, which means thank you)
Eunhyuk: ok, we-
Leeteuk: stop~
Eunhyuk: stop please, stop please~ now, shall this person introduce himself?
Leeteuk: please introduce yourself first
Henry: …what? I mean what? I mean- I mean- what!
Eunhyuk: we said to introduce yourself in Korean right now!
Henry: ah I- I- can stop acting now~?
Leeteuk: please stop~
Henry: hello I’m Super Junior M’s Henry
Eunhyuk: aah Henry ssi
Leeteuk: aah nice to hear from you
Henry: YO~ nice to hear from you, nice to hear from you
Leeteuk/Eunhyuk: hahaha yo nice to hear from you what’s that-
Eunhyuk: truthfully it’s the first time our Henry ssi is on sukira, it’s the first time he introduces himself here. You’re in Taiwan right now Henry ssi, right?
Henry: yes, right now I’m Siwonie hyung (♯ㅡ the way he pronounces it sounds more like Siwonie hyAng)
Leeteuk: ah you’re with Siwon ssi
(♯ㅡHenry is still talking, but Leeteuk can’t keep his mouth shut~ I think he says he’s at Siwon’s filming location)
Eunhyuk: we- ah- yeah-
Henry: -he’s doing so well!
Eunhyuk: for the people who are listening and who don’t know Henry ssi, while I was doing activities in Taiwan, doing activities in the name of the sub-unit Super Junior M, he’s a member of that group~
Leeteuk: right~
Eunhyuk: Henry’s a friend~
Leeteuk: Henry ssi?
Henry: yes yes
Leeteuk: I heard that in order to continue your studies, you’re going to attend Berklee college again. Is it true?
Henry: ..what? (♯ㅡsentence is too complex, Henry doesn’t understand it)
Leeteuk: I heard you’re going back to Berklee college to study music again, is it true? (♯ㅡhe asks in more simple Korean)
Henry: uhmmm- I still need a bit more time so I still.. I- I want to go but now- yeah- that- I have to look at my schedule then- (♯ㅡHenry gets cut off again)
Leeteuk: check the schedule~
Eunhyuk: aah you look at your schedule-
Leeteuk: right. There’s something I always wanted to say. Henry ssi?
Henry: yeah yeah yeah?
Leeteuk: not long ago we composed a song together~
Henry: yes~
Leeteuk: you think it came out well?
Henry: our- the song we wrote together?
Leeteuk: yeah~
Henry: ah- ah- I don’t know, hyung what- hyung-
Leeteuk: all the boys at home like it~
Eunhyuk: Henry ssi?
Henry: yeah yeah?
Eunhyuk: one of Henry ssi’s hopes.. (♯ㅡbaram joong ae) we-
Henry: ..womanizer? (♯ㅡbaram doongi)
Eunhyuk: no! Not that!
Leeteuk: womanizer!!
Eunhyuk: amidst Henry ssi’s wishes, there’s one-
Leeteuk: wish (♯ㅡpronounced Korean-style.. WISHI)
Henry: oh yeah yeah
Eunhyuk: that you want to come visit and communicate with our Korean fans much more, while doing activities
Henry: yes yes yes yes yes
Eunhyuk: can we ask you, at last, to greet our fans in Korea and to all our sukira listeners?
Henry: right now?
Eunhyuk: yes yes yes
(♯ㅡthey talk over Henry’s voice)
Eunhyuk: yes to our fans
Henry: if it’s not a byebye way of greeting-
Leeteuk/Eunhyuk: yes byebye greeting
Henry: byebye greeting?
Eunhyuk: yes
Leeteuk: yes byebye greeting
Henry: oh, yeah, today it’s the first time I come out on su-su-sukira-
Leeteuk: yes that’s right
Henry: -coming out on radio, so it was super very- it was extremely nice. Please give me a lot of love! Because I extremely loved uh- Korean fans, Korean people, Korea.. I love you! So please give me a lot of love~
Leeteuk: aah alright, thank you!
Eunhyuk: Henry ssi thank you!
Henry: hyungs too- please give hyungs’ new album a lot of love too!
Leeteuk: aaaah thank you Henry ssi!
Eunhyuk: aaah yeah!
Henry: yes~ daebak, yeah!
Eunhyuk: see you later!
Henry: see you!
(hangs up~)
Leeteuk: Henry ssi.. (Eunhyuk: yes yes) is not Korean, but he cherishes and loves Korea more than anybody else.
Eunhyuk: that’s right.

Translated by. GAIA @pastakyu ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET


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