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Posted on: July 9, 2011

dont worry this is not a serious type of thing. 🙂

as you can see in my side bar and at the top, is a GIF of miss min a, she’s really cute <3333

and just in case you want to submit a gif of miss min a or hoi couple/giordano couple, maxim couple. you can. as long as miss min a is there. either comment the link or tweet me on twitter. I’d gladly make them as my side bar picture. ^___^  since i really dont know how to make GIF and i really find them precious. all of you who can make GIFs are really gifted! . i salute you! 🙂 that’s all! just in case. hehe

size. 347 by 500. :))


2 Responses to "ANNOUNCEMENT ^^"

yes, i agree She is totally very very cute,,,,I even save this picture in my comp, but just the picture. How can I get the full image? not only just picture, she is sooo adorable cute when imitating the kids^^

dewi, that’s the only thing i have, that gif. :(( anyways i guess she was just talking to someone at that time and just being natural. i guess what she said was really true in an interview(?) that her friend says she has lots of aegyo and min a is totally being unaware of it.

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