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Shin Min Ah, the CF Queen [about cf filming and HINT about her DRAMA comeback!]

Posted on: July 30, 2011

rough translation

taking 7-8 ads even though the schedule is full. ‘CF QUEEN’  Shin Min Ah even with ten body is not enough.

Shin Min Ah’ with broadcast activities and official schedules has not taken a day off, not even a day. Filming CF ads in  full swing in Korea and overseas including U.S and Thailand. 

Recent model for ‘Hera’ ad taken more than ten primary U.S. should go straight to Thailand as soon as the other ads were chwalyoungcha. Once \return from Thailand, various magazines, calendars, and advertising ‘tight’ is being held. When to replace the fall and winter ad match ‘cf Queen would expect to take seven or eight ads.

until this year, the CF queen is expected to have a comeback early next year as an actress. Last year’s drama “My girlfriend is a gumiho” she recieved love calls from dramas to movies and still the project was picked is still being puzzled

AM entertainment agency official  “the drama is likely to be puzzled. The drama being broadcast at the end of the year is already late, a drama scheduled for broadcast early next year under a proposal being struggling. Interestingly, it is not [drama] modern drama , but a sageuk “he explained.

source: nate

rough trans/summary: with the help of google translator

****Sageuk-is like a historical drama. costume drama. like Jewel in  the palace, sungkyungwan, Queen Seon duk, Dong Yi, Hwang Jin Yi etc

**** in the article, sadigeuk was mentioned instead of sageuk so i wasnt sure, but elaisa from soompi said it was a sageuk so i wrote sageuk instead. ^^


1.) If its with a stellar writers and cast, most probably it will be a success

2.) It is Shin Min Ah, and i guess this will be her first sageuk drama!

3.) sageuk drama gave actresses a DAESANG award, such as Lee young ae (Jewel in the Palace) , Go hyun Jung(Queen Seon Dok) , Ha Ji Won ( Hwang Jin Y), and most recent is Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi). So min ah is not getting any younger(in terms of age and not intermfs of face) so i guess we need a daesang award! ^____^ and id love to see her cry!

4.) sageuk usually is a long drama, so more weeks of filming, more weeks of exposure for min ah. although i prefer that it’s a week end drama. ^^

5.) as a fans’ perspective, i want min ah to grow and experience fields that i know she can learn alot. sageuk are no joke because of the production and the outfits! but thankfully if it’s early next year, the weather will not be really hot!

6.) i want a challenging role for her like the villain yet the protagonist for a sageuk.

there will be CONS but im excited for her to be in SAGEUK. if it is! i guess Min Ah is indeed challenging herself. 🙂


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