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Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’ MV

Posted on: August 5, 2011

it blew me away!


what can i say, again! Super Junior never fails to surprise me when it comes to MV! although this has been the usual type of MV they’re up too ever since Super Junior Funky started (which was the sorry sorry), they still manage to give something new! and can i just say that this is the coolest APPEARANCE, or image of KIM HEECHUL! he looks like a rapper here or like a really cool person!! ryeowook is sexy here, and sungmin the chef!. And, i love their outfits, set up, or whatever you call that, it suits their age and image. good thing Siwon and the rest of the boys didnt have to use that kind of outfits they had in their jacket album! lol!

all in all, i like the song and the mv! Manseh! 5jib DAEBAK!


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