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Shin Min Ah seem uncomfortable in mini-dress fashion: “It’s because of the high chair”

Posted on: August 14, 2011

Actress Shin Min Ah participated in an event wearing a very short dress and drew a lot of attention.

Recently on Online Community billboard, a picture was uploaded with caption: “Picture of Shin Min Ah during an event.” Shin Min Ah is captured sitting on a stool during the course of the event.

In the picture, she is wearing dark green, sleeveless top and short mini-dress. As if uncomfortable due to short length of her dress, Shin is clutching the edge of her skirt in her sitting position.


Her uncomfortable posture could be blamed on the height of the chair. She was made to sit on a high stool with no back support, and the length of her skirt added some discomfit.

Netizens left comments like: “Don’t worry, you look pretty however you pose,” “Her skirt is short, but maybe the chair makes it look shorter,” “The skirt really is short. Why would some people wear clothes that they wouldn’t feel comfortable in?”

Source: Newsen from Nate



i dont know, but in some articles there were some comments of netizen that i think was harsh. honestly i forgot what exactly they were, all i can remember was it was harsh. well maybe i didnt read the romanization of the text. but the one appeared in google trans were not really good. but when there’s bad comment there are still good ones such as ive read something like you’re still a goddess even when you’re sitting  something like that. not exact though. but this made a hot topic. and i think this was way back in 2009 for LGXnote. with ryu seung bum.


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