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Posted on: September 9, 2011

and i’m happy!

cr: Unknowncarrot

5th win! thank God!

before mr.simple i was very worried and in all honesty, i just expected suju to win triple crown and that’s it. And, that was before hearing mr.simple.  But when they started to win trophy on kbank, i was amused with how big their points was. I dont know if it’s a sign that the public recieved mr.simple but in all fairness to the song, it is uplifting.  I am glad. With the pacing of scores and them getting 17 k on their 5th week! that’s a feat! (Definitely reminds me of SNSD powers.) Yes, they won 5th straight week during sorry sorry promotions plus 1=6 but that wasn’t a consecutive win. their 5th consecutive win was with “its you’ already. and here comes Minnah, where they just get three consecutive wins and have to leave mbank for their No other comeback, which surprised the fans but wasn’t much of a hit. And–i was stressed. We all know, ELF all know the horror of GDA where the boys went to the awarding ceremony confidently, performed as if they will be the ones who will recieve the Daesang which turns out– not. Now, when they released Mr. Simple it ranked high places on Online Charts in their release and that’s  something commendable because they really suck at digital charts. I have no updates now on what are their standing but with their points i guess they are doing fair, or well. All i want to say is this is something to celebrate! this is new for me, i guess the boys also. My hopes are up! i am not expecting but just like a student who has prepared well before exams, that’s how i feel. I am happy for the boys! really! Hard work paid off! with great awards or not, i am happy they got 5th consecutive win for a song. and they are so far the only group who got 5th consecutive win. not to mention, big groups had their comebacks already (Bigbang, 2ne1, DBSK, top and Jiyoung, Miss A and etc)


and. not an avid fan of these two groups but im happy Infinite and Ukiss joined them. I guess it’s about time to show the Boy power! but it’ll be always girls! lol


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