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Lee Seung Gi to also leave ‘Strong Heart’?

Posted on: September 15, 2011


It’s been revealed that singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi had originally intended to step down from his MC position on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ by the end of this October.

After it was announced that KBS‘s ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ would come to an end in February 2012, Lee Seung Gi had met with the producers of ‘Strong Heart’ in the beginning of September and expressed his wishes to leave the show. However, after Kang Ho Dong shocked the nation with sudden news of his temporayy retirement from the entertainment industry on September 9th, producers have been desperately trying to dissuade Lee Seung Gi from leaving the show.

After all, if both MCs suddenly stepped down from their positions, the show would no longer be able to exist. An official from the broadcasting company revealed, “The producers of ‘Strong Heart’ are currently quite at a loss for what to do now that one MC has officially stepped down and the other had originally intended to leave soon. The situation is changing everyday so we are not sure yet if Lee Seung Gi will really leave the show.”

Some believe that Lee Seung Gi should use this as an opportunity to gain experience as the main MC of a show. An official commented, “From the beginning of this year, Lee Seung Gi had been dreaming of one day hosting a show as the main MC. He could use this as a chance to start standing on his own.” However, it’s been said that Lee Seung Gi had wanted to step down from entertainment programs in order to focus on advancing into the Japanese market and participating in other foreign activities. Since ’1 Night 2 Days’ would be ending in a couple months, it made sense for him to leave his MC position on ‘Strong Heart’ and pursue other activities. What do you guys think — can you imagine a ‘Strong Heart’ with Lee Seung Gi as the lone MC?


Source + Photo: Sports Korea via Daum

i would love to see him on strong heart but whatever his decision , i will support him. I’m sure it’s not out of blue, i remember some rumors of him dropping strong heart earlier this year because of  busy sched, and you know how busy korean media mean right! so if he thinks he can grow in gaining the mc spot solo then why not, but if the management thinks he needs to venture and widen his experience then why not again! We fans, just hope for the best! i just hope i can still see him reguraly on t.v


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