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Lee Seung Gi Successfully Completes Solo Recording for “Strong Heart”

Posted on: September 24, 2011

SBS’ “Strong Heart” recorded its first episode without Kang Ho Dong on September 22. Lee Seung Gi, flying solo, showed confidence and wit, successfully hosting the popular talk show.

After it was firmly decided that Kang Ho Dong would step down from hosting the popular talk show “Strong Heart,” questions were raised on whether Lee Seung Gi would host the show solo or whether someone would join him. It was decided that Lee Seung Gi would go on to host the show by himself due to his experience as a competent MC and his familiarity with the show. While votes of confidence were given to Lee Seung Gi, it still remained to be seen how the first recording without the stronghold of Kang Ho Dong would proceeed.

Doubts were erased as it was reported after the first recording that the show was a success. Representatives of SBS stated, “Even though solo hosting must have been very nerve-racking, Lee Seung Gi pulled it off without any signs of nervousness. After observing the recording today, I once again impressed by his wit and skill.”

Although it will be sad to see “Strong Heart” without Kang Ho Dong, viewers can look forward to continuing to  see Lee Seung Gi show off his talent as a funny and entertaining host.




cr: soompinews


i’m sure Kang Ho dong cheered for seunggi and im sure seunggi asked consent and tips from kang ho dong. although it’s sad and empty without kang ho dong, and i bet seunggi is really burdened with this, but knowing this guy who is really conscious with his image i know he worked hard for this. and now, it’s time to see another side of lee seung gi. *muhahah* excited!




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