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SK Telecom 4G LTE Behind the Scenes [inc translations]

Posted on: September 30, 2011

cr: smainterantionalfans ||

Head Banger Min Ah!! yo yo. she really had fun filming this!

Hello, I’m actress Shin Min Ah.It’s  been a while since i filmed 4G LTE advertisement  so i’m sending my greetings to all of you. ……[im not sure with the part 2 translations starting from 0:45]  Please love 4G LTE from now on and ….. cool image, greetings to everyone and please love me alot.

[note.. there’s a better term for please love me alot but i forgot. but in korean it’s like that.. mani=a lot sarangi= love juseyo=please, just in case your uncomfortable with that.^^]


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