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Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung attend the ’2011 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon’

Posted on: October 12, 2011

On October 9th, ‘Amore Pacific‘ launched their ‘Pink Ribbon Love Marathon‘ to raise awareness about breast cancer with their endorsement models, Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung. Honorary ambassadors of breast cancer awareness also attended.

The event launched simultaneously in five different cities with 30,000 total participants. About $260,000 USD was donated to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation through Amore Pacific’s matching gift event.

For the Seoul marathon in particular, 13,000 people showed up in pink t-shirts and danced to the ‘pink motion’ dance in promotion of healthy breasts.

There were several fun events to see like CAN‘s congratulatory performance and a photo kisok that printed out photos for participants on the spot.


Sources: Hankyung
Photos: As tagged



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