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CF model reliability for the month of September

Posted on: October 16, 2011
cr: china cafe,dslg,

Lee Seung gi, Won Bin, Kim Tae hee, Shin min ah, IU, Jo In sung, Cha seung won, Jang Dong Gun, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ga In

i do not usually update my blog when i am not in my lappy. but because 4th is just a feat! (well, she was second for 6 consecutive months next to seunggi in no.1 spot) but she bounced back higher! if i’m not mistaken she was booted out from the top 10(correct me if i’m wrong) but now, from August’ top 7 now to top 4! congrats Miss Min Ah!

and seunggi! as always. 😛

i hope hoi couple will still get the KAA awards. :))


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