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Posted on: November 6, 2011

#more than a boygroup

i remember the first time my classmate told me about them, she said she was addicted, or shall i say inspired with this group. Then we went to our computer lab and she showed me this picture,

my first reaction was, WHAT! why blonde? are they gay?. well everything changed when i watched full house! they made me crazy. I learned that males with colored hair especially brown and blonde doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gay and in generic term i learned that appearance doesn’t say everything about a person.

I started liking kibum which has become my inspiration! Only to find out we have the same birthdate! ha ha ha! as far as i can remember it was one of the happiest day of my life.  I started digging kpop, admiring korean culture, started learning their culture, their language. I started stalking them the best  i can. I started copying and printing all the lyrics of their songs both romanized and translationa.  Copying all their available complete pictures and printing them. Downloading their songs and replaying them, all day! Singing along with songs i don’t even understand. watching mvs, pausing and squeeling. Watching another random shows, random video cuts, reading fanfics, creating one and hey, raise your hand if you once imagined yourself going to korea and work as an english teacher that will eventually tutor them , or! work at SM ENT! Arguing with anti-fans, haunting anti fans, attempted to go to their cyworld but surrendered, wanted to know about UFO but gave up, believed rumors that they were going to my country. Defended them left and right from the haters. Spreading their virus by telling them to my friends. (but that was before) What else? i might’ve been one of the craziest fan ever!

Super Junior is a group that maybe brought out the best and worst in me.

I laughed and rejoiced  when they’re joking at themselves, Winning Huge awards such as daesang,  when they win #1 at Music Bank. Having triple crowns at inkigayo. what else? them having the chance to perform solo. As an actor, host, musical actor,  dj, song writer, composer, comedian.

 I cried when Hangeng left, Kangin had a DUI, kibum M.I.Adidn’t get #1 at music bank, didnt get the daesang, when they’re being criticized, when they’re being underestimated, when they are being said that they’re too old.

Sometimes, i even asked to God if this is the right path for me,  you know, knowing Super Junior and Kpop. Since ofcourse,fangirls has disadvantages. Eventually i now know why God brought me here, why God gave me the chance to become their fan. Becuase, i’ve learned alot. ALOT!

More than a fandom, Super Junior was a blessing because  met new friends. ELF. my sjworld family. my elf family. I met hardworking persons, and people who truly showed their love and dedication to their fandom.

although now, i learned to balance and to moderate my super junior-ing. (not as addicted and obssessed as i was maybe the first year of my being elf) my love is still the same.

more than their numbers, 13+2 +elf, more than math equation,  more than a hallyu stars, more than dorks, who laugh at their miseries, more than the sum of the individuals i memorized, Super Junior has no doubt touch millions of life. I hope they will still continue amidst the army enlistment to be a blessing to their fans, to be their fans’ happiness.

I’m super blessed to be an ELF. i always thank the Lord for that. For giving me the chance to know  Lee teuk, Kangin, heechul, hangeng, yesung, shindong, sungmin, siwon,ryeowook, eunhyuk, donghae, kibum, kyuhyun. They’re beautiful as individuals. they have their own imperfections but that’s the way it is. And that i forever thank God . 6 years has passed and they touched millions of life. 6 years has passed and they’ve become a man. They’ve matured just like  fans matured as a fans. 🙂

Godbless my SUJU.  cheers ! 6 years and counting, NICE WEATHER! YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING


picture credits: to their rightful owners


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