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ACTRESS Shin Min Ah is BACK!

Posted on: February 10, 2012


Thank God! fnally!, this came out the least i expected. The articles here have different versions however, as far as i am concerned, once the project has been publicized chances of it being materialized is high. 🙂 and if not? Good rumor though.


per character, Min Ah will play a theft which i am really excited of because everyone in Korea knows she is indeed beautiful and i am sure you know how things will go for her right? She will charm his victims with her beauty? no? and most probably the writer will ofcourse give her a legit background of why she acts that way. And this is the first time for her to play a theft! of things, not some man’s heart. . . just kidding! 🙂

As it was mentioned that it is a Heartbreaking one, so i am expecting Min Ah to be really jailed after all. or who knows? how far love can go? Is this a suspense? a melo? adventure of the theft and the cop? haha

To be honest, i am expecting this movie worth of Movie awards since it is Min Ah’s comeback to the bigscreen for 4 years! If Min ah will play someone with a kleptomaniac then hmm that would be interesting. I hope that i can learn something from this Movie, not just in the love aspect, but socially, mentally.

As to his leading man. I am honestly not familiar with him however i trust Min Ah (sorry shin ha kyun)

All in all  am very excited to see Min Ah back on the screen again! honestly, one of the reasons why i want her to have her comeback, aside from seeing her new improved acting skills, is because of the PROMOTIONS.  Lots of intervews, bts articles, tv guestings, maybe updated blog entries.


Godbless Miss Min ah! FIGHTING!


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