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2AM’s Seulong once again confirms his affections for Shin Min Ah on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted on: March 14, 2012

In the past, 2AM‘s Seulong has publicly admitted his ideal woman to be actress Shin Min Ah, and has just recently mentioned her as the actress he’d like to work with

.Showing is undying devotion, the singer once again stated her name on this week’s episode of ‘Strong Heart’.

On the March 13th episode of SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart’, Seulong, who on a past episode admitted his ideal type to be Shin Min Ah, was asked if he was still a fan. “I can never change my mind,” he said. “I think I became more of a fan since then.”

“Every time I get asked who my ideal type is, I always say Shin Min Ah,” he continued, unable to hide his feelings for her. “I still don’t drink the brand of coffee she filmed a CF for with actor Won Bin. I started watching “My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox” she filmed with Lee Seung Gi, but I honestly couldn’t finish it,” he said.

“I’m not an anti-fan of Lee Seung Gi, but after watching that, I wondered if Lee Seung Gi had anti-fans, and I looked it up online,” Seulong revealed, causing everyone on set to explode into laughs. Lee Seung Gi then hilariously responded, “Did the search results bring up the name Im Seulong?” Entertainer Boom then questioned Seulong in regards to his recent scandal with Wonder Girls‘ member Sohee. “How has your relationship changed with Sohee?”, he asked, to which Seulong answered, “No changes,” suggesting the two were just close friends. Seulong then sent a video message to Shin Min Ah, once again stating his wish to work with her on a future project.

Source & Image : TVReport via Nate


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