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G.O. reveals his affection for Shin Min Ah

Posted on: March 19, 2012


oh well. so so

an excerpt from the whole show article. 

When MBLAQ was asked who had had the most romances, G.O. responded without hesitation.

“From my early childhood until now, I think I’ve had about 20 romances.”

When asked about his ideal type, he earnestly replied,

“I don’t have an ideal type. If we love each other, it’s good enough.”

However, when they began to play the ideal type World Cup game, G.O. unexpectedly did a complete 180 and changed his response. As the recently popular actresses Shin Se Kyung, Lee Min Jung and Shin Min Ah and the active popular girl group members Yoona, Suzy and IU had their names called out one after the other to go head-to-head in G.O.’s ideal type World Cup tournament, G.O. astonished everyone as he chose each person without a moment of hesitation.

Going into the finals of the World Cup, MC Park Kyung Lim remarked,

“This is the first time the ideal type World Cup has moved so quickly. Even Yang Dong Geun spent 30 minutes contemplating over the finals.”

When faced with having to pick between Suzy and Shin Min Ah, he easily chose Shin Min Ah. Despite the hoots that he was getting from his surroundings, G.O. firmly stated,

“Not my ideal type but I welcome this person. I like a lovely and innocent person.”


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Well, coming from he doesn’t have an ideal type, i understand that, ‘i do welcome her’ lol. it has quite an arrogant feel. but in any case, thank you for liking Min Ah! and, another guy who appreciated Min Ah’s beauty. :)) calling Seulong!Im



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