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Shin Min-ah’s airport outfit becomes an issue

Posted on: March 21, 2012

Shin Min-ah’s airport outfit is becoming a hot issue.

Recently, Shin Min-ah visited Incheon International Airport for Giordano pictorials photographing.

She showed her beauty in short pants and red-pink colored t-shirt. The outfit was not Shin Min-ah’s mundane daily outfit, but a purposefully matched concept for pictorial purposes. Shin Min-ah successfully engendered natural, but stylish spring atmosphere.

Shin Min-ah barely wore any makeups with a very natural hair style, but still drew people attention in such a casual look.

Netizens made comments, such as “Natural beauty”, “So pretty”, and “I envy your beauty!”.

On the other hand, Shin Min-ah will be starring in a new MBC fusion historical drama ‘Arang Satto-jeon’, which will air from April 7th with Lee Jun-gi.

source: StarN News



*NOTE: for the confused souls

April 7th airing for Arang is super impossible since they even have not any script reading, and what not. Also, as far as i know it will follow Seunggi’s drama-The King 2 Hearts which will have a 20 episodes and will start airing later. yes, first episode On March 21 2012.




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