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‘Arang’ Hwang Bo Ra Shaman Transformation

Posted on: June 30, 2012

Actress Hwang Bo Ra will act alongside Shin Min Ah for MBC’s new upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Arang.’

Hwang Bo Ra will play an ambiguous shaman whose magical powers are uncertain. Although she has the ability to hear the voices of ghosts, this power of hers is not immediately known. God has, however, bestowed her with the most annoying maiden ghost, Arang (Shin Min Ah).

Hwang Bo Ra will prove to be a significant character as the faithful assistant to Arang. Hwang Bo Ra stated, “Since only half of my powers exist, I’m hesitant on how to develop my character. I don’t know if it’s because my character is a shaman, but there are many difficult lines in historical drama tone that I’m currently fixing to match the drama’s style. Director Kim Sang Ho ordered me not to refer to anything while acting as Bang Wool. This drama is very much our own style. Please show anticipation and support.”

In the drama, Hwang Bo Ra will act with Kwon Oh Joong as magistrate Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki)’s servant Dol Soe.

Kwon Oh Joong explained, “Dol Soe is a pure character who does not think of his own safety when protecting his owner. Although he says harsh words and acts violent, he is one who expresses affection and loyalty to Eun Oh.”



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