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Section Tv interview! Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki! **added HD version

Posted on: July 1, 2012

WAAAH! i am super exited! min ah is so beautiful in whatever she wears! maybe she can make a hanbok an rtw! 🙂

the pictorial:

it seems like the PR of them saying that they have such a ‘fun set’ is not a lie! it shows even in the pictorial! i love min a being totally


cr: elfmina

cr: miyalovely

comfortable!! i was kinda hoping though they had a close kind of pose.


min ah is cute in her individual interview. is she really born in 1984? she looks so young! esp.when she had that ‘shhh’ to the interviewer! love love love that the interviewer was kinda star strucked to see Min ah. hahah! kinda! and love love their interview both! if only mgiag had this on set interview! if only sbs was concerned about fan service! well. hmmp!

you can see that they are comfortable with each other. i mean, well with the kind of lee jun ki’s personality, maybe anyone can get along with him easily. props to Lee Jun ki!thank you Lee Jun ki! no doubt he has so many loyal fans because he has a wonderful personality! Min Ah is true that lee jun ki helps lighten up the mood! i hope Arang’s magistrate will take care very well of her!

one thing! I AM EXCITED FOR THE PRESS CON! everytthing.yay



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