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Happy 25th Birthday Kim Kibum!

Posted on: August 21, 2012

i will never ever forget the day when i searched for your profile and i spazzed when i found out you are a leo. next thing i know you are born at the same date as i was. that, i, will, treasure forever.

thank you for the inspiration you have given me. ofcourse, you are not aware of that, i might sound crazy

 i am not, but you really helped me to help my self. i sleep alot(in order to grow) when i found out about your height. and yes i grew a few inch but not as tall as you. :P. i still wish to see you in person. but i wont stalk you. =P




i remember when i’m new to your fanclub i show off your picture to my classmates and call you the most handsome person in the world. They laughed at me and i just, don’t care. i remember when my friends call me not by my name but your name ,i feel the happiest. ❤ i remember when i asked my classmates to give me a picture of you as a gift! hahaha. you see.  i was crazy. but we all grow old right? we mature as we age.

your happiness is ours too. though i feel frustrated over you, not joining Super Junior in the past years. [well its normal for us fans to feel that way because yeah.. you know what i mean]. You know how frustrating it is to wait for something we know won’t come? but we still do hope. haha. I’m not mad or something, it is just.. frustrating.  however i still do not stop on wishing for that day that i will be seeing you on stage with the rest of the gang [sort of reunion?] Nothing is impossible right?

continue chasing your dreams as we will do in our personal lives. my only prayer is that whenever i get the chance to meet you on the streets or wherever, you will grant me a PHOTO-OP! please? i will shout “Kibum bum oppa picture please!”hehe 🙂

 i have learned so much through this K-pop world that i have entered and you are an instrument. I always thank God that i came to know you.

Continue to be a blessing to others. as you are to Me. I  might have my basis on knowing you based on the videos on youtube haha! but i am honored that at least i get to see that side of you. I just want you to know that more than a handsome face, which i know you are verrry aware of , i, appreciate you as a person.

Continue to smile because that smile can brighten up someone’s day. Continue to passionately act because you make us genuinely happy and! thank you for making a twitter account.i consider that as a miracle really because i think you’re not the type of guy who will tweet random things. hahaha! and thank you for tweeting….pictures!

Enjoy your birthday!  as a closing remarks i would like to share you one of my favorite verses from the Holy Bible. Colossians 3:23 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,”

this might sound cheesy, i cannot promise you forever but as long as i can i will support you. and as a fan i love you! Godbless you and again Happy Happy Happy Birthday kim kibum Opppppaaa~~~~~~~

p.s i still have the collage pictures of you that was given to me by my classmates 4 years ago. infact they are always in my diary. he he

picture credits: to the owners


1 Response to "Happy 25th Birthday Kim Kibum!"

hi first let me great you happy 25 b-day to you hope many more b-day to come
you are very handsome one of my idol in Korea

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