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Seunggi fanmeet comment

Posted on: August 27, 2012

Love love his interviews during the fan meet and how he answered the questions. That only shows again

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that he knows himself very well in the sense that he knows how people look at him. And because of that he is very well conscious but not totally conscious on how he acts. I am not saying that what he is showing is in a ‘pretentious manner’ but he knows how to really behave appropriately, genuinely. 😉

What i like about him is that he really thinks about his situation, his career, his life, his academic life,his fans, everything.  even though he is fully aware of that  he is no acting DIVA.That’s why fans really love him.  inspite of him knowing that(celebrity status), it did not really come into his mind like, i-am-THE-seunggi-don’t-touch-me, unlike other celebrities who appear snobbish even though they don’t have. ..uh.okay. anyway. .. 😀 He interacts with fans because he knows that he is a celebrity, a public figure, he cannot survive without fans and it is a way to thank them. He smiles because he is aware that fans prepare a lot just to make him feel welcome and fans are happy to see him.


I love seunggi because he knows himself and is not conceited and selfish. Sometimes he brag but its for jokes, and if not, he means it. but you cannot blame the boy because he worked so hard to get to where he is. I love seunggi because he is not creating an image for his fans to continue liking him. instead he continues to challenge himself thus resulting to creating an image. And that’s the time that fans will like him.


Although celebrities are there to earn money but seunggi is one of the few celebrities that i’ve noticed that is not money-driven always. He wants to improve himself and you can genuinely see it. Not only for himself but ffor his parents, friends, family, future family and fans. He knows himself that’s why he is down to earth and know how to chat and communicate very well to the fans without being ‘pretentious’ or ‘plastic’ or ‘for the sake of the show’. He is very sincere and genuine. His popularity alone can attest to that.

Seunggi is one celebrity that you can be very proud of.  I cannot really help but root for this guy.

Seunggi you’ve become an inspiration. continue to challenge yourself. so that… batallion of younger fans will appear infront of you. hahahahha.


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