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Arang & the magistrate on MBC TV Happy Day

Posted on: September 8, 2012

Must watch! Min Ah is so cute here because she keeps on smiling. idk that’s why i love her because she shows when she likes it. she giggles. totally reminds me of her when filming a cf with wonbin when she giggled. lolie!


and can i just say that i’m developing a crushing on Joowal.I love his character and the whole dynamics of it. but, like, the writer is making his character the typical lead character on the 2nd lead (typical hero on a drama: Antagonist: make her love you, like her for my revenge; lead: yes mom, then eventually fell in love, antagonist: kill her, lead: i love her, i will fight you) so it is not really hard to root for him. (take note: i am not fan of 2nd lead since they’re the typical i-will-protect-you-even-if-it-hurts. well except for yoon kye sang’s character in Big love)  I cannot wait to see on how his character develops. Will he really obey his ‘mom’ till the end, or will join with eun oh to fight against their well, unfortunately,evil mom. Yoo weo jin’s( Joo Wal) acting too is pretty convincing. His eyes are so powerful.

Lee Junki too is the funny guy. idk but seems like Min Ah is comfortable with him. And i thank him for that. His acting is great too. Esp on the scene where he fell. like he did not really got hurt coz it’s acting but i completely forget about that and i can feel his pain too.

Min Ah is really doing a great job(understatement) in Arang. This might not be the kind of role i have envisioned her to play in a sageuk setting. But  her role gives her alot of opportunity to show what she’s got. I am in awe in every episode on how she brings Arang’s character to life. On how it translates to the audience that we can relate to her.

props to the crew,staff and the director for giving their hearts to this project. it shows. they do not take this as a so-so but their hard work can be seen by the audience.

The next episodes will be great! i hope the writer and everyone can keep it up. anyways. big props to Arang and the Magistrate

Godbless them 🙂
Arang and the Magistrate, FIGHTING!


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