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Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah No Missed Out On SM C&C Merge

Posted on: September 19, 2012

i am still surprised by this merging news of AM. i thought AM was better off being totally independent. they even have like 5 A listers, how come

It has been announced that Hyun Bin is set to sign with newly established O& Entertainment following his military discharge, alongside former AM Entertainment agency mate Shin Min Ah.

Hyun Bin’s representatives commented, “Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah who previously worked together under AM Entertainment plan to sign and work with [their] new agency O& Entertainment. [Hyun Bin] is currently reviewing the conditions of the new contract.”

Following AM Entertainment’s merger with SM C&C in September, former AM Entertainment actor Jang Dong Gun and other representative Korean actors and actresses signed with SM C&C, while Hyun Bin and Shin Min Ah chose to opt out. It turns out the two will once again be working again with an executive who was once under the former AM Entertainment to establish the new company, O& Entertainment.

In other news, Hyun Bin will be discharged from the army on December 6th and is currently receiving requests for upcoming dramas and movies.

Image(s): TV Report



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