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Arang and the magistrate episode 18 comments **spoiler

Posted on: October 12, 2012

Have you seen episode 18??  i mean this is a cliche for ghost story. or in a story where life and death is heavily involve, or a love story, arang4to_photo121010165010imbcdrama0.jpg when somebody is madly in love and it is true, then there is no doubt that one could catch a bullet for the one he/she loves. However, it is really disappointing that  Arang  risk her body as a temple of an evil spirit for her to save Eun Oh’s mom and make Eun oh happy. I am sure Eun oh wouldn’t like that idea either!! Although as i have said it is  a ‘normal’ scenario for a you-live-i-die or i-die-you-live drama however,Arang has done this in the past! She saved Joo wal who doesn’t know her either! Well, the consolation is that, Arang is doing this not only for the person she loves but for the person who loved him first. 🙂 but, still!

this totally reminds me of  My girlfriend i a gumiho i  have learned a philosophy from the hong sisters about risking through dae woong. it was the scene where he said that “when we live, we live together. and when we die we will die together, this is a decision of the person who loves you ” If it wasn’t for that line “this is a decision of the person who loves you, that statement would have been problematic. but. per drama it was proven that daewoong loves him so much that he was willing to die with her. 🙂


as soompi convos, they were guessing that Joo wal will save arang, this time. he would risk his life and return the favor.  acceptable enough since when he will live he will just live in sadness and despair. that is not living at all. living is about experiencing different emotions. if that’s true then what will happen is, maybe eunoh can kill Muyeon’s soul and regain his mom back and everybody happy?  Eun oh will send arang to heaven and live with his mom and maybe arang will be reincarnated i dont know.

i want to say if that you want to die for someone, (esp when that someone values so much as you value that person) then ask, and plan together. okay arang!


all i know is that. Arang and the magistrate  is an awesome drama! period. 🙂


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