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Shin Min Ah makes reckless remarks: “I’m getting old”

Posted on: October 17, 2012

the last drama related magazine interview she had is way back in october 2010. 🙂 And i just got to say that she is honest! fans can say that she really did gain weight and she was not afraid to tell that. 🙂 although not much(weight)

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about what she does to stay in shape and have baby face.

Star lifestyle magazine @star1 took a pictorial of Shin and interviewed her. Shin said, “Going on a diet is essential. I gained a lot of weight because I wear puffy hanboks while shooting Arang and the Magistrate. I’m worried about the day that I have to take off hanboks.”

“I enjoy eating very much. I go on a diet and exercise a lot when I have to shoot a TV series or movies but I gain weight while shooting them. I can tell that I’m getting old these days. It feels a lot harder to shoot the series than  in the past.”

“I don’t have a special way to take care of myself. If I have to say one, I’m very positive. I laugh a lot and I think that makes me look more energetic.”

In the October issue of the magazine, which will be published on October 21, Shin will talk about the behind the scene of her series and her plans for her future.


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