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Shin Min Ah talks about the perils of being an actress

Posted on: October 19, 2012

aw.. maybe she’s too honest but i love that she showed her vulnerable is to say to the public

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about how hard it can be to be an actress.

Shin took a pictorial for the magazine @star1 and gave an interview after the photo shoot. She talked about difficulties in working as an entertainer.

She said, “People are prejudiced against actresses and have misunderstandings.”

“Actresses are often criticized by many people. I know that I can’t help it and I have to deal with it, but a bias against actresses is one sided and too negative.”

“I get hurt easily. Whenever I see malicious comments, I feel sad.”

Shin, however, also talked about moments when she feels happy to be an actress. She said, “When people feel happy because of my work or me, I feel happy too. As an actress, I’m happy when people love my work or my character.”

Shin’s pictorial and interview, in which Shin talked the behind the scene of her series Arang and the Magistrate, will be published through the November issue of the magazine on October 20.

Source: TV Report




that she is human despite of non-human qualities(a goddess) well for a girl beautiful like her, in social psychology it is normal because she in the image of the public, she has everything, thus she is subject to great envy. 😛


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