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Lee Seung gi and Lee jun ki, both are good actors

Posted on: October 21, 2012

i cannot translate the whole article but i will give you the gist. Shin Min Ah said that Lee Jun Ki and Lee seung gi are both good actors and both have distinctions in terms of age feel(?)

it is that while filming the drama (My girlfriend is a gumiho), Seunggi doesn’t call her noona, instead, he calls her miho ( Min Ah’s character) that’s why she doesn’t feel like seunggi is a dongsaeng (younger brother)  **not to mention seunggi’s super oppa instincts, he is super manly!**
while with Lee Jun ki’s case, he address Lee jun ki as oppa very easily when the drama started filming. She said she is also comfortable addressing jun ki as oppa.
she mentioned that back then she was the youngest but now somebody is calling her ‘noona’ .
=) aww.<333


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