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star 1 magazine interview [part 2]

Posted on: November 16, 2012

Min Ah please visit Philippines when travelling! thanks! 🙂
I am Shin Min A
Q Best friends, or old friends, are they ordinary people or celebrities?
Talking about best friends, it feels foreign to me for no reason. Among celebrities, my best friends are Hyo Jin unnie and Min Hee unnie whom I mentioned earlier. And stylist unnie and manager unnie whom I have been working with and of course friends whom I know for very long.
Q Favourite food, dish that I am best at cooking? 
I am not fussy, I like Korean cuisine. Often time is not enough, rather than say having a meal; it’s more like filling my stomach. I usually eat rice, soup, kimchi and seaweed, I like ordinary banchan. I really like eating meat when I was younger, I change slightly now for a healthy diet, but I still like meat, also eels which replenish strength so I eat often. I make soups occasionally but I don’t know if I am cooking well or not. (Laughs)
Q How is your drinking capacity? 
I really cannot drink so I don’t often take part in drinking outings. I like to drink one or two glasses with my close friends at a quiet place but I don’t like spending lots of time sitting and drinking, my face will turn red quickly because of the alcohol. 
Q De-stressing method that only belongs to Shin Min A?
In my free time, I will travel overseas, adjust my mood before returning. I also like listening to music, watching movies by myself. Meeting with friends, chatting, eating good food, resting well, travelling… Although it’s not a special method, but it’s a good de-stressing method to me. 
Q Female friends are most curious about Shin Min A’s body and looks management, does Shin Min Ah diet too? 
Diet is necessary. Because I wear a hanbok to film for this production, I have been too relaxed so I become fatter. (Laughs) And I also feel that as my age increases, it’s easier to get tired from filming. No special management methods, although I am an optimistic person but lately I am thinking of taking more initiative. 
Acting with unlimited potential 
Q Good feedback towards Shin Min A’s acting
Actually, I am a little burdened. Maybe everyone thinks, because Arang is a role with a distinctive character, feels the joy in Shin Min A’s performance and said so. Because this is a work chosen after a long time, I prepared a lot. I have intense thoughts like “I wish to do well, I will do well”. Perhaps because everyone sees my efforts and me having a tough time and give praises because of that. 
Q Although Shin Min A also has her own unique charisma previously, but the acting recognition only begins after <My Girlfriend is a Gumiho>, don’t you feel bad? 
How to act in order to be considered acceptable, maybe it will be difficult for me til the day I retire. Acting skills depend on how one considers, feels, works hard at to fulfil. Looking at it in another way, I have my mistakes. If I keep thinking about my regrettable experiences, that will be very tiring, so I try not to think about these, using extra efforts to replace regrets, that will achieve a better outcome. 
Q Wishing to act, acting well, acting that will be popular; there are differences between these three. As an actress, are there times you worried because of that? 
Being able to act freely in a work you wished to act in would be the most fortunate of course. But, the most important thing to me now, is acting in roles that are suitable for me and I can do well in, so I chose <Arang and the Magistrate>. Although I considered a lot before making this decision, but whenever I think of ‘Arang’, I can imagine how to act, how to pull off this role, so I can begin filming with a lighter mood. 
Q Any ambitions towards movies? 
A lot. I really want to film a movie. My first transformation from model to actress is also because of movie. Calculating the number of my works, I made more movies. I wish to show a beautiful side of me in a movie to everyone but I left behind a lot of reluctance and regrets. So I am more cautious when choosing a movie now. 
Living as an actress
Q There are many hoobaes who state Shin Min A as their role models, how do you feel?
Really embarrassed. I am lacking in many areas, really thankful for everyone’s love towards me. Because I debuted early, I used to be the youngest wherever I went, I thought so myself. Without realising, time has passed, I am now in the position of a sunbae now and (my) sense of responsibility is also stronger. As a sunbae, even though it’s a little strange and awkward but I think I should show a more hardworking side. 
Q Shin Min A’s role model in the past was ?
Maybe because of the French movies I watched when I was younger which left a deep impression on me, I have an idealistic imagination of French movies and actresses, or should I say I am bewitched by their aura and charisma? I like Julie Delpy for a long time and also Penelope Cruz. Their charisma cannot be described in full, every time I see them; I also develop this thinking, of wanting to be an actress with an enduring charisma. 
Q As an actress loved by the CF world, not only CFs, but receiving recognition in your works. This kind of celebrity is not commonly seen…
Seems like my luck is good, because they like my CF image, hence inviting me. Filming CF is also interesting work, being able to display a different side and becoming closer to the audience, making everyone feel that I am more approachable. I am also very thankful for having this opportunity of becoming closer with the audience. 
Q The first digit of your age will soon start with a 3, there’s such a saying that real actresses start from the age of 30. To Shin Min A, how will turning 30 be? 
Worrying, curious, anticipating and burdened, but having such feelings, I feel like I put in more energy. Although I won’t be always as relaxed but I wish to create by myself. I also want to play well. At the start of my 30s, I want to enjoy life better; I have strong thoughts of wishing to live happily. Living a comfortable life is my plan when I am 30 years old. 
Q The audience wants to see more from Shin Min A, what kind of an actress do you want to be?
I wish to become an actress that is able to show many sides, to make everyone think “Shin Min A is able to show such acting skills?”. Although I also have regrets, that if I was more hardworking in the past, I will be able to show everyone more. But I made many attempts and challenges, received a lot of pain and suffering, so in my 30s, I will pluck up my courage, to show everyone even more. I hope everyone will continue to pay attention to me in future. 
based on translation by 畅游的鱼x from Mina baidu
translated by eilasa  @smasoompi

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