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Posted on: April 1, 2013

hello everyone! sorry if i am not able to update regularly. all the time i have is to tweet. . . .kidding! haha. 🙂 no, i was busy with school since deadlines just piled up and my brain was.. okay, enough. so as i return to updating *hopefully*  here is my treat.


seunggi is asking for an eyemo. i guess his staff has none, then min ah asked her staff if she has. (that is only a fangirl’s interpretation) 😛 sweet


but first! allow me to have a run on important things happening with the people i love.

Shin Min Ah


– she has a movie with kangdongwon and per coffeelady@soompi mina she finished her part! let’s keep an eye on that.

– it is her bday real soon! 🙂 

-Hera ads keeps on coming

-she knows how to surprise her fans and when it happens they come in bulks so.  let’s wait



this kid is getting amazinger everyday. he has an upcoming drama Gu Family Book and he’ll be paired with suji suzy! btw he will play a half human half creature which is a gumiho. (hehe, hoi fans must be like ‘zomg its fate’) yes whatever you call that it is and it’s cute! ❤

if you like locales. watch #becarefulwithmyheart.  #serchief. yes

that’s all everydeirs. thank you for somepeople who visits the blog.  




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