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Hera cf bts!

Posted on: April 9, 2013

GORGEOUS! and can i just say that i absolutely love her stylist and make up artist!! 



2_zps9de5274f 3_zps1ce618ae 5_zps45900c65 11_zps6a3f3e15 16e73ed50aa9ce6c02856a56223d7172 20a72238642591ab184012fc94baa8bc 21_zps34475a98 31_zps40978bc8 41_zps7907c46f 51_zps2c32e3b3 2013-04-07140032_zps8c33aef9 2013-04-07140052_zps64dd7357 2013-04-07140104_zpsf4d3e372 2013-04-07140129_zps9d6c33cd 2013-04-07140141_zps28f518a8 7469867509240affd5d3474d49027793 bddff3132dd57d66c31066583f326959 BTS2_zpsb559ddf2 (1) BTS2_zpsb559ddf2 BTS0408_1_zpsc88bacba BTS0408_2_zps83525375 BTS0408_3_zps12af5417 BTS0408_4_zpsa64c509e BTS0408_5_zpsc945d574 BTS0408_6_zps029b5acb BTS0408_7_zpsf3263271 BTS0408_8_zpsb935034a d78d22d6849553aa8ef03d628e00967c

cr: coffeelady@smasoompi , to the owners and sources.




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