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Summer at home!

Posted on: April 28, 2013


Summer is supposed to be spent outdoors right? It is all about enjoying the warmth ( well extreme heat) of the sun with your loved ones. It is about enjoying your free time while there are no classes, may it be on the beach, mall, friends’ house wherever.

However you cannot do that everyday! ( unless, sadly) so im gonna give you tips in order to make your summer at home more fun!

1. Clean your house! If not your room! Im sure you’ve heard your mom complain about your messy room! ( unless you’re OC) It is always good to sleep on a clean room! Also, there’s a higher chance of finding treasures while cleaning.  Im talking bout money! Haha

2. Cook! Well summer is about pigging out. It is expensive to always rely on a restautant cook so better learn how to cook your own favorite recipe.

3. Read. Reading is food for the mind. Time to debunk your “commonsense” theories, if not, suffice it with evidence. Also, you can read novels/ news and current affairs and what not.  It is also a good and convenient past time. Be sure to reflect on the book’s content after reading it. I have always believe that each authors have their own theories. So know it.

4. Keep in touch with your friends! No matter how busy posts 1-3 will make you, you should not forget to keep in touch in the real world. Fb, tweet, insta, viber them. That’s why social networks are for in the first place.

5. Bond with your sibs. 🙂 Siblings are super available when there are no classes. Laugh with them.

6. Watch movies! Perfect way to bond with sibs. Excercise your senses! Be scared, feel the suspense, laugh and be inlove!

7. Fangirling! Do not feel guilty if you do this. Stalking celebrities (online) that inspired you. It is normal! Well as long as you know your limits! Be realistic! I suggest that you allocate specific time on stalking.  Always remember, you are a fan and you are bored 😛

8. Meditate. Since you have alot of free time, it is also good to examine yourself your soul. See how far you’ve come interms of your faith and your relationship with your creator. That is the most important thing.

So there you have it! Some tips to make your summer at home fun! But always remember that it is more  fun outdoors! Go out and get those tanlines! Or if not, Play badminton or frisbee. 🙂 exercise your being!

Have fun! And

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