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Waiting for Godot music video!

Posted on: May 19, 2013

“If i’m waiting for love am i waiting for Godot?”wow! to give you a bit of information about this. Waiting for Godot is a play  written by Samuel Beckett. It revolves  around two characters, Vlademir and Estragon who are stuck both in space and time waiting for Godot who, never showed up. 

cr:Janina Gavanka

The play speaks of Beckett’s Philosophy of time. Time as we all know quickly pass, however in this play the two characters were able to  ‘stop’ the time and stayed there. They were stuck in waiting for Godot who never came. What kept them going was the character of a ‘boy’ who plays the role of Godot’s assistant. The boy kept showing up to them every afternoon and tell them that Godot cannot meet them.

The characters’ activity on doing nothing except waiting for Godot can be related to a human’s life. Events in your life can be repetitive if you are not doing something different. If you feel like your life is nothing but similar to what happened yesterday, or if you feel like nothing has changed with your last year’s routine from now then you got to be brave and not wait for Godot, you should go, find and meet him!


to find Godot takes hardwork and courage, you might not find him but i’m sure you will eventually find something. 

anyway, it is interesting that someone made a song out of this, hahaha!!


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