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Hoi couple photo

Posted on: May 30, 2013

apparently, this came out along with Lee Seung gi’s Naver interview! OH MY HOI HOI! how many pictures are they hiding from us!


along with the photo the caption says  “Im really sorry and thankful to Min ah NOONA, this is my first time calling her Noona”

sdfnwefoof!!!! so much to say. he called her Noona. to be honest i still hope they can work in the future. they have so much chemistry and they were really effective in the drama! Through My girlfriend is a gumiho i became a fan of them individually and as a pair. It has been three years since they’ve worked together. Since then, they showed a great improvement with their craft as an actor/actress: Seunggi in The King 2 hearts (2012) and Min Ah with Arang and the Magistrate (2012). This 2013 as seunggi have his drama Gu family book (which he plays half gumiho half human *hihi*) which is being well received by the audience and i cannot wait to see Min Ah’s full lenght comeback project**.

all i want to say is that,im glad that every time they appear with a project they show their desire to perfect their craft and that  i miss hoi couple already and they’re one of the best onscreen pairing ever!! They have chemistry that they both acknowledged! 😛

STILL seunggi! i prefer you calling min ah not as NOONA but with ‘ssi’

HOI COUPLE! fighting!

* min ah has a movie with kang dong won however its length is only 10 minutes. 

cr: dcgallmina/ navernews


1 Response to "Hoi couple photo"

hi everydei….you are same with me…we became a fan of hoi couple trough MGIAG. i love hoi couple so much..n nice to see your comment on your blog..

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