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This is a place for my rant, rage, praise to the people i like(s) 🙂
And since i am a random person, this will be more of a random blog. ha!

Super Junior, Kim Kibum, Shinee, Taemin, and other kpop groups.

Lee Seung gi, Shin Min Ah, and other k-actress, actors!

My girlfriend is a gumiho, 49 days, Goong, Best Love, Dae Jang Geum, Hwang Jin Y, you are beautiful and other kdramas.

[names that weren’t mentioned had their share of post here 🙂 you can find them on tags]

so my blog post will mostly comprise of these interest that i have listed. except for the random hot topic(hot or not) that will caught my attention.\

and again. i like love them



and Comments/Suggestions/ reactions are really APPRECIATED ^___^


3 Responses to "About"

Hello! Thanks for welcoming us to the blog of Shin Min Ah INTERNATIONAL FANS!
And a question, in Soompi who you are? Only if you want to answer of course. 😉
shaylaman, anace and my (lipos) we are very happy, lol! 🙂

im ilovesnowwhite. :))

Hi everydei,
I saw 1 photos about Lirikos booth, would u help me the address of Lirikos store in Seoul? Because I have a business trip to Seoul next 2 day but can’t find the Lirikos store location to buy it.
Thank you anyway.
Have a wonderful day!


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