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apparently, this came out along with Lee Seung gi’s Naver interview! OH MY HOI HOI! how many pictures are they hiding from us!


along with the photo the caption says  “Im really sorry and thankful to Min ah NOONA, this is my first time calling her Noona”

sdfnwefoof!!!! so much to say. he called her Noona. to be honest Read the rest of this entry »


Kidding! it’s because he hasn’t sung this in a while! i’m glad i heard him singing this again! even teaching fans the ‘love bullet’ dance! 🙂 maybe because My girlfriend is a gumiho is very popular in Indonesia (that’s what i heard from Indo fans) correct me if im wrong 🙂

cr: isshundemo

And i would like to congratulate Indonesian Airens! you guys Read the rest of this entry »

okay forgive me but i just cannot let this kind of statements pass!

Seunggi has a fanmeeting today in Malaysia so per twitter, the host asked him: Will lee seunggi take gumiho as a gf? He say yes if she look like shin min ah!!

cr: Mykpophuntress

gif: superuhhndee tumblr


❤ awww. my poor fan girl heart. just after min ah mentioned Read the rest of this entry »

i cannot translate the whole article but i will give you the gist. Shin Min Ah said that Lee Jun Ki and Lee seung gi are both good actors and both have distinctions in terms of age feel(?) Read the rest of this entry »


*it just happened that i passed by a cyworld account who posted all of these and more. its my first time to see some of the GIF. maybe not,to the people who has a copy of the dvd. =)

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Go Seulong! hope you and min ah will work together in a CF.  and i really admire


Im seulong for his bravery Read the rest of this entry »

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