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apparently, this came out along with Lee Seung gi’s Naver interview! OH MY HOI HOI! how many pictures are they hiding from us!


along with the photo the caption says  “Im really sorry and thankful to Min ah NOONA, this is my first time calling her Noona”

sdfnwefoof!!!! so much to say. he called her Noona. to be honest Read the rest of this entry »


oh my  romantic feels!! ❤


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love love the ever generous seunggi! no wonder you are so blessed!



Lee Seung Gi really does deserves every compliment he gets! Read the rest of this entry »

i seriously cannot wait to see this!

cr: callmetomat0


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hello everyone! sorry if i am not able to update regularly. all the time i have is to tweet. . . .kidding! haha. 🙂 no, i was busy with school since deadlines just piled up and my brain was.. okay, enough. so as i return to updating *hopefully*  here is my treat.


seunggi is asking for an eyemo. i guess his staff has none, then min ah asked her staff if she has. (that is only a fangirl’s interpretation) 😛 sweet


but first! allow me to have a run on important things happening with the people i love.

Shin Min Ah

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vote if you have account! 🙂

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I hope both couples will attend the year end awards. 🙂


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