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“If i’m waiting for love am i waiting for Godot?”wow! to give you a bit of information about this. Waiting for Godot is a play  written by Samuel Beckett. It revolves  around two characters, Vlademir and Estragon who are stuck both in space and time waiting for Godot who, never showed up. 

cr:Janina Gavanka

The play speaks of Beckett’s Philosophy of time. Time as Read the rest of this entry »


First of all i would like to say that i am their new admirer. HAHAH. and that is totally good right? any way, what i love about their music video is that it is sexy yet classy! they can really make this

 video as their ‘representative 2pm music video’. It reflects their Read the rest of this entry »


Summer is supposed to be spent outdoors right? It is all about Read the rest of this entry »

to be honest, i haven’t really followed 1N2D ever since he left. but when i catch up, i still laugh.


What exactly does variety shows mean to Lee Seung Gi? Read the rest of this entry »


2AM‘s Seulong has expressed his feelings for actress Shin Min Ah once more. Read the rest of this entry »

So how will seunggi’s character be called? GUMI? haha like a dream? he cannot be miho. ^___^ and can i just say that SUZY is one lucky girl! she better do a great job to be seunggi’s leading lady because seunggi had worked with top notched celebrities already and Actress by their field. and the

Rumor are floating that Lee Seung Gi and miss A‘s Suzy will be the male and female leads in the Read the rest of this entry »

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