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i think her outfit looks waaayyyyy better in person that in person, nvt it has the same impact, the fashionisttaaa vibe. on a side not, why no Dokko Jin in the premiere. 😦 


thanks shaylaman @smasoompi !

First of all i would like to say that i am their new admirer. HAHAH. and that is totally good right? any way, what i love about their music video is that it is sexy yet classy! they can really make this

 video as their ‘representative 2pm music video’. It reflects their Read the rest of this entry »

MODELLING 101- the Min Ah style


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It has been awhile since we’ve seen Min Ah attending public events. As usual she really kills it when she does. I so love the ensemble, not the usual type, daring! Shin Min Ah is the real deal, she is a wanjeon FASHIONISTA!



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“It’s shin min ah right? it’s shin min a!”   excerpt from the entry of the one who posted this on dc.



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that’s a lot of food? 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

GORGEOUS! and can i just say that i absolutely love her stylist and make up artist!! 



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