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i guess it was on sma soompi that i read min ah likes to paint.(?) i am glad that her output now is for a cause. it is to be conscious of the state of our environment in a simple way. btw, i so want to have this bag! it has ‘designed by shin min ah’ and a min ah signature on it! URGHHHH!!


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i so want this!


Actress Shin Min Ah recently tried her hand at designing a bag designer. Read the rest of this entry »

love love amore pacific’s campaign. 🙂 corporate duties? nevertheless, i love Min A is in this campaign in help protecting our struggling environment.

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Per blog link posted by Miss Kayzkim on fb, Min Ah will participate on Pink Ribbon Love Marathon by Amore Pacific (  HERA is one of their products) this October 7 2012. If i am not misaken. If real, i am excited to see Min Ah in public again! 🙂


Jo in sung, kwon yuri, and other amore pacific’s endorsers participated in this campaign.


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must see. esp at the end, it is where i guess the fan called her and she smiled. really cute.

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