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I so want to cry! i love Min Ah’s acting already! i see arang! so Min Ah is like a scavenger here or something. or barbaric pretty ghost! ha ha ha! cant wait to see her with her gwishin perks and berks here!


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안녕하세요! 공홈담당자예요~

오랜만에 민아씨 소식을 가지고 왔답니다 🙂


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ive been waiting for this kind of website for almost two years. (i anticipated for Min Ah’s comeback when i became a fan. that is october of 2010) time flies! God is good! without further ado!(thank you @winkwin5 for the heads up!)



cr: @winkwin5

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**UPDATE: 2 articles! from kpopanda and allkpop:

Lee Junki on Shin Min Ah: “Being beside her every day, brings a smile to the face”

Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah compliment each other on ‘Section TV’


The interview was held during the poster shooting of new sageuk drama, “Arang and the Magistrate” starring Lee Jun Ki & Shin Min Ah. Also showed behind the scenes. Read the rest of this entry »

WAAAH! i am super exited! min ah is so beautiful in whatever she wears! maybe she can make a hanbok an rtw! 🙂

the pictorial:

it seems like the PR of them saying that they have such a ‘fun set’ is not a lie! it shows even in the pictorial! i love min a being totally


cr: elfmina

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hahaha. what’s with the two hands on min ah’s face. well. she’s adorable!

cr: Mina_shin ‘s me2day

registration is easy! so, add her as a ‘close friend!’

got this on FB. also, smainternationalfans posted the link to Min A’s official website page!

 On July 1st, Section TV will show Arang & Magistrate shooting and interview.

On19th, press conference for production report.

cr to JGfamily fb

~shirley   via Arang ( 아랑 ) Korean Drama

as posted in SMA official website

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