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thank you so much kay! or eilasa of soompi for translating the magazine interview! this is a wonderful chance to read min a’s thoughts! enjoy! the interview will divided into two parts as suggested by eilasa

star1 interview – part 1 



min ah gained more allll of my respect. although i have respected her as an actress but you cannot help but to be amazed by how hardworking she is. let us continue to pray for her speedy recovery! Min Ah JJANG, Godbless and Fighting!

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i’ve been asking jun ki to twweeet potos of him and min ah. but he did not. ;;__;; well atleast we got a group photos and we get to see the crew behind this AWESOME DRAAMAA 😀

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this is sick 😦 the article is nowhere positive. i applaud her professionalism, but min a. please. take care of yourself! please. let’s pray for her quick recovery guys

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Arang dcgall, lee jun ki fan, min a dcgall and yeon woo jin fans contributed to the caast party! now they deserve to rest and have a party! and get a normal hours of sleep! haha. =) congratulations Arang and the Magistrate!VIDEOPLEASE! and i love


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