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MODELLING 101- the Min Ah style


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this year will mark as my third year as Min Ah fan! 🙂 can i just say that she looks stunning in all of the pictures! and i do hope she’ll really get to endorse Burberry couture/rtws

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spotted! our min ah is having a what? photoshoot? tvc shoot? whatever it is im excited



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watching the vid. im still in awe that this model actress has become so much familiar to me. 🙂



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min ah gained more allll of my respect. although i have respected her as an actress but you cannot help but to be amazed by how hardworking she is. let us continue to pray for her speedy recovery! Min Ah JJANG, Godbless and Fighting!

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i’ve been asking jun ki to twweeet potos of him and min ah. but he did not. ;;__;; well atleast we got a group photos and we get to see the crew behind this AWESOME DRAAMAA 😀

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