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Mr. Cha seung won is on the rise as a CF model. in fact, he recently entered the top 10 cf models which unfortunately Shin Min Ah doesn’t belong anymore. 😦 but as a TGL fan! who would have thought! that a Lee seung gi cameo would’ve brought Dokko Jin to that ‘refrigerator cf’ haha. i am so happy!

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LOL. short seunggi again! is back!


What if my child was to look like Kim Tae-hee or Lee Seung-gi?

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Last Scene (ep.16) BTS

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So, Mnet has this summer awards show. And guess what! No Super Junior –_– i cannot believe this. anyways. before this turns into ranting  i am glad to say that Min Ah, Seunggi, Hyo Jin [Gu Ae Jung], Cha Seung won [Dokko Jin] were nominated. And team aejin are definitely topping the online voting charts they’re in, except for the other category hyo jin is in where GD is leading. lol. . while seung gi and Min a comes in 2nd. but with your clicking power *clickclickclikc* you can definitely make a change!

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